Carlos Villagrán (Kiko) will not be a candidate for Governor of Querétaro

A few weeks ago, we found out that Carlos Villagrán, better known as “Kiko”, the character of “Chavo del Ocho”, launched a candidacy as Governor of Querétaro, in a movement that other actors and celebrities have followed.

That’s right, the fact that some Public figures from the entertainment world launch into politics in Mexico it is not new and in the next elections, even Blue Demon Jr. will run for mayor in Mexico City.

Carlos Villagrán (Kiko) is left without a candidacy to be Governor of Querétaro

But in a movement that he did not see coming, Carlos Villagrán was left without a candidacy for Governor or any mayor’s office in Querétaro, after the president of the Querétaro Independiente party, Connie Herrera, informed that “Kiko” will not be her candidate.

This is because the match Querétaro Independiente will support the PAN in common candidacies and for this reason, the former coordinator of the Blue and Whites in the Senate, Mauricio Kuri will be the one representing both parties.

Who will be the candidate for governor?

Regarding the candidacy for the Mayor of Querétaro, both parties elected Luis Nava, who is going for reelection, believe it or not.

Last January 10, “Kiko” made his registration as a candidate for governor of Querétaro and, taking advantage of the trip, he also did the same for the mayor of the state capital, that is, he already saw himself with a secure position in the state.

‘Kiko’ no, but her son will appear on the ballot

Those of the Querétaro Independiente party looked for the famous actor to launch him as a candidate, But it seems that their screenings did not win the actor, so they opted for a safer option.

“Indeed, I am Kiko !, but I am Carlos Villagrán at the same time. And now, after 50 years of making people laugh, I find myself on another platform (…) I know the tremendous responsibility that this means, ”said the actor at the time of registration.

Although “Kiko” will not be on the election ballots, Gustavo Esteban Villagrán Rivera, his son, will run for the local council, by District XIII of Querétaro. Incredible!

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