Cardi B talks about filming kiss scene in new ‘Up’ music video amid COVID-19 protocols

In Cardi B’s colorful new music video for her single “Up,” the singer makes out with some of her backup dancers. As the singer discovered, trying to lick someone else’s tongue in the middle of a pandemic can be challenging.

Cardi spoke to Jimmy Fallon on Thursday Tonight’s show and explained how, when it comes to making a music video in the midst of COVID-19 security protocols, “there are certain things that cannot be done.”

“I did this pyramid with some girls. And the pyramid, we had to do it in less than 10 seconds because it was more than six people. And because of COVID, people cannot touch themselves,” Cardi explained. “Even though you get tested before the music video three times, you get tested at the beginning of the week, the day before, and the day of the week.”

While getting the human pyramid was difficult, Cardi said getting permission for her and some of her dancers to lick each other was even more difficult.

“We had to beg,” Cardi said laughing.

In the end, the kiss ended up getting approved because there were five women involved in that scene: Cardi and four mermaid-inspired dancers kiss inside a giant shell. However, for the pyramid, there were at least 10 dancers in total.

“[There] There can be no more than 10 people in a room, “Cardi explained.” They are the craziest protocols … if you work in production, you understand that it is the craziest thing there is. “

Check out the video below for more news from Cardi.


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