Cardi B reveals she wants to raise her family on a ranch (exclusive)

Cardi B is ready to change “Okurr” to “Yeehaw”.

In Cardi’s new Facebook Messenger Watch Together Serie,Cardi triesAs the rapper tries to raise her family on a ranch, and in true Cardi fashion, she came dressed for the role, head to toe in a tan leather fringe ensemble, complete with a cowboy hat and matching boots.

In an exclusive clip from ET, Cardi meets with Mickey Guyton, the GRAMMY-nominated country singer-songwriter, to find out how she can make her dream of living in open pastures come true.

“I really want to have a farm and I am trying to convince my husband that we can really have a farm. [on] our property, but I’ve never been around farm animals, you know, I’m a real city girl, ”Cardi tells Mickey.

“So are you going to teach me?” Mickey asks. “No, you’re going to teach me,” replies the singer of “Bodak Yellow”.

Despite being from Texas, it is true that Mickey has as much experience on a farm as Cardi.

“No no. I can’t teach you. I don’t know how to be a farm, a ranch laborer or something like that,” explains Mickey, then pregnant.

It seems these two will have to learn together, and if all else fails, they can always “WAP” or not.

“Wapin ‘brought you here in the first place,” Cardi jokes. “He brought me here in the first place in this quarantine,” agrees Mickey, holding his belly.

For more information on Cardi, watch the video below.


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