Cardi B references Gia Giudice’s ‘sad song’ after it goes viral on TikTok, and Gia freaks out

Gia Giudice’s “Sad Song” is on the internet, and it may be the only thing keeping Cardi B on social media right now. The “WAP” rapper took to Twitter on Friday to give a salute to the song, which Gia wrote and performed. The Real Housewives of New Jersey in 2011.

As Cardi explained, he didn’t want to miss out on hearing Gia’s iconic lyrics.

“I’m thinking of deleting this app until I drop my next little project … but again, am I going to hear ‘wake up in the morning thinking about so many things that I wish things would improve’?” Cardi tweeted.

Gia, who is Teresa and Joe Giudice’s eldest daughter, was understandably freaked out. “This is unreal! CARDI I’m in the Bahamas, let’s meet,” he replied.

Gia was just a child when she first wrote “Sad Song” about Teresa’s fight with her brother, Joe Gorga, which took place in RHONJ.

Although the song was a heartbreaking reflection of his feelings at the time, it has since exploded on TikTok, prompting Will Smith to use it in a video earlier this month.

Gia, who hilariously commented in a TikTok video, “This will haunt me my whole life,” ended up making her own TikTok for “Sad Song.”

See more about the Giudice family in the video below.


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