By mistake in the price, woman is chained to motorcycle in a store

The end of the year sale season has just ended, both “The Good End”, like Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday left great offers to consumers, some took advantage of these and others simply wanted to take advantage of the errors.

By mistake in the price, woman is chained to motorcycle in a commercial store

Like a woman in San Luis Potosí, who wanted to take advantage of the error in a commercial store, since the price was valued at 14.00 pesos due to an error in a decimal point in the requested price and decided to chain himself to the vehicle to be sold.

This happened in a store Walmart, where a green Italika motorcycle was being offered from 19,990 pesos to just 14,999, but the detail is that it had a period instead of a comma in the ad, so it was understood that it was 14,999 pesos.

The store did not want to respect the price, it was not the first customer

According to various media in San Luis Potosí, the store managers did not want to validate the error, because they were not the first customer to notice and this wanted to take advantage to acquire the vehicle.

In any case, The store did take responsibility for the first person to claim this item, but not the following, since they had withdrawn the price, but the woman wanted to abuse the “offer” that another customer saw.

Until now, it is unknown what happened to her and if she managed to take the vehicle, but there are people who want to take advantage of any situation and more if it is an offer.

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