Britney Spears’ father loses total control over the singer’s estate

After a year ago, the singer Britney Spears asked a court that a financial institution take over her assets, this Thursday, a judge ruled in favor of the singer.

The magistrate overruled the objections of her father, James “Jamie” Spears, about how he would handle his daughter’s estate. James’ attorney, Vivian Thoreen, requested that the star’s father have control over investment powers.

For his part, Britney’s lawyer, Samuel D. Ingham argued before the judge that the intention of his petition was that Britney’s father did not have full control of his daughter’s assets, as the court appointed in 2019.

“There is no intention or desire to create unequal power or decision-making between the two, your honor. This is a way of making it consistent and not taking away the powers that Mr. Spears had as a healer, ”Thoreen said.

Attorney Thoreen assured that James was not concerned about the arguments raised by Ingham, since the only thing that Britney’s father was looking for was “to be able to delegate investment decision-making authority to Bessemer.”

James Spears is expected to reach an agreement with financial adviser Bessemer Trust on a budget and investment proposal for Britney Spears’ estate.

The next hearing is scheduled for next month.

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