Britney fans ask your forgiveness, what is We Are Sorry Britney?

You probably remember the scene where Britney Spears is hitting a car with an umbrella. That point was for many Britney’s break, but now, fans ask the pop princess for forgiveness with the movement We Are Sorry Britney.

Years later, more details of the story became known, as Britney was harassed by dozens of photographers, who did not respect her privacy and followed her everywhere, until she could no longer take an umbrella and hit the car of one of them.

Britney was going through personal problems and, after that scene, lost the divorce proceedings against Kevin Federline, who asked for custody of his two children and assured that the pop star was not in a position to do so.

In addition, after the scene, a court determined that Britney Spears He was under the tutelage of his dad and a lawyer, Jamie Spears and Andrew Wallet, respectively.

But what did it imply? Changes, which until today, continue in the life of the singer and after which lost control over financial, artistic, and personal decisionsFor example, you cannot have children without your father’s consent or leave your home.

Therefore, the fans have promoted the movement #FreeBritney to free her from the tutelage in which she has been for years and, to this, the movement We Are Sorry Britney with which they ask for forgiveness.

What is We Are Sorry Britney? Basically, it is an apology from Britney fans for the lack of support for so many years, in the face of the misogyny, abuse and harassment that she has experienced.

Today, Britney had a hearing in which her father lost the attempt to control the investments of Britney’s money.

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