‘Bridgerton’ finds Kate’s sister Edwina for season 2

Bridgerton He has found Kate’s younger sister, Edwina.

Newcomer Charithra Chandran has been cast in the coveted season 2 role in the Netflix drama Regency based on author Julia Quinn’s best-selling romance novels. Deadlinereports. ET has reached out to Netflix for comment.

Bridgerton star Jonathan Bailey, whose character Anthony Bridgerton will be the focus of the upcoming season (the second book, The viscount who loved me), follow Chandran on Instagram.

This is Chandran’s first major television or film role. The actress’ first professional on-screen credit is an episode on IMDBtv. Alex Rider.

Chandran joins season 2 new female lead Simone Ashley, who will play Edwina’s older sister Kate Sharma, the latter of whom grabs Anthony’s attention. In the books, Edwina is the one who initially catches the viscount’s heart.

The next season, which begins production this spring in London, follows the older Bridgerton, Anthony, as he “intends to dominate the social season.” Loosely based on The viscount who loved me, season 2 will trace Anthony’s quest to find a wife.

Further, MerlinRupert Young will play Jack, a new character created for the series that does not exist in the novels. He’s being described as Ton’s newest member with a notable family connection and it’s a mystery.

Bailey recently spoke to ET to offer a sneak peek of what awaits Anthony on his way to find love.

“I think it will get more exciting, complicated and sexy,” said the actor, adding that the series will surely “push the boundaries in every way” and “that the story will be really exciting.”

“I think Chris Van Dusen has this amazing ability to take Julia Quinn’s extraordinary books and her amazing worlds that she delicately filled with emotion and sensuality. And it takes it to another level, ”Bailey said, when asked to what extent the new season would parallel the narrative of the books. “So the fact that we’re following Anthony’s search for love shows that you know there will definitely be some similarities.”

Bailey was coy about whether fan-favorite character Kate Sheffield will be a major player in the new season, and now we know why. “After reading the second book, if Anthony gets to know someone half as brilliant as Kate Sheffield, then he will be a very lucky man,” he said.

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