Boruto chapter 55 what happens with Naruto and Kurama who dies

The name Naruto has become a trend and it is all because images of the Boruto Chapter 55: Naruto Next Generations, That have led fans to wonder which Naruto character is dying, so be careful, there will be SPOILERS.

As you know, the Boruto Chapter 55: Naruto Next Generations, will be published in 2 days, that is, on February 20, however, on the internet the images of the next manga of the Naruto sequel were leaked, which continues with the original story of Masashi Kishimoto.

Kurama or Naruto die in Boruto Chapter 55? SPOILERS!

In the manga, Kurama explains to Naruto that the Byron or Bairon Mode (Kurama and Naruto’s new transformation) it would take both of their lives.

But it seems that Kurama lied to sacrifice his life and save Naruto, Boruto and Sasuke from an entity that threatened to exterminate them.

All four fan-posted snapshots show Naruto desperately reaching out his hand to Kurama, who says goodbye and tells him to have a good life.

Through Twitter, the fans of the series have shown their surprise, because it seems that Kurama’s death is inevitable, something they have regretted, since he became a very beloved character.

If confirmed, Kurama would have one of the most obvious developments in the entire saga of Naruto, going from being the villain of the series to becoming the hero in Naruto Shippuden and now to sacrificing himself in Boruto to save everyone.

Here we leave you the leaked image on Twitter and with which many wondered if Kurama dies in Boruto. Tell us what you think about it.

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