Blake Lively criticizes Ryan Reynolds for trying to deceive her after they were both vaccinated

Blake Lively isn’t letting Ryan Reynolds teasing go unnoticed. After announcing that they had received the COVID-19 vaccine earlier this week, the couple willingly trolled each other on social media.

Lively shared the news of her vaccine with heartfelt praise for both the “heroic nurse” who administered the injection and Jessica Malaty Rivera, Director of Science Communications at The COVID Tracking Project.

Meanwhile, Reynolds took the teasing route, joking that he “finally got 5G” along with a photo of himself getting the shot while wearing a pink beanie. “Science is sexy. The hat? Maybe not,” he joked.

After teasing his hat, Reynolds brought his wife into the joke by sharing a photo of himself wearing the hat alongside one of his wives wearing a similar blue hat while dressing for his role in 2020. The rhythm section.

“Who wore it better?” Reynolds asked his followers as he included a poll on his Instagram Story post.

Lively shared her husband’s post about her own story and took the opportunity to poke fun at Reynolds.

“My husband tries to cheat on me, while looking like a Bernie meme and Aquatic life with Steve Zissou I had a horny offspring. Good luck with this one, “he joked, referring to the viral meme of Bernie Sanders sitting on the steps of the Capitol at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, as well as the 2004 film directed by Bill Murray in which the actor wears a beanie. Orange.

Watch the video below to see how the pair teased earlier.


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