Blackpink’s Rosé celebrates her 25th birthday and clarifies if there is a date for her solo project

Korean singer Rosé, who is one of the members of the Blackpink group, is celebrating his 24th birthday (25 in Korean age) and, through social networks, fans have shown their love.

After the promotion of The Show, the Korean group are on hiatus, while each of the members carry out their solo projects, such as YouTube channels, dramas, and their debuts.

To celebrate your birthday with your followers, Rosé did a live broadcast with her fans and shared a photo with a cake, as well as a video with Hank, an adorable puppy that she adopted.

In addition to celebrating her birthday, Rosé keeps her fans waiting, who have been enthusiastic about the singer’s solo project, of which she has even released her first song “Gone”, during The Show, the concert that Blackpink offered on January 31st.

Although some reports indicated that Rosé’s official premiere as a soloist would be in March, lThe YG Entertainment agency said that they are only rumors, as they have highlighted that there is no announced date.

We are preparing Rosé’s solo debut, as we had communicated before, we will inform you of the exact schedule of activities in an official publication, ”YG Entertainmente said about the comments on when the release of Rosé’s songs will be on digital platforms.

Blackpink’s Rosé songs are expected to be released in EP or mini album format.

Rosé is originally from Auckland, New Zealand and left his home country to pursue his dream of being a K-Pop star, after successfully passing the global auditions for the YG agency.

His full name is Roseanne park and, in addition to being a singer, she has served as a dancer and model.

Here we leave you the publication with which Rosé from Blackpink celebrated her birthday.

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