Beyoncé shows it all to promote her collection with Adidas

Beyoncé knows how to position a brand and for this she has not hesitated to show it all by promoting her collection with Adidas ivy park.

And the singer has used her own image and her millions of followers to show all the pieces that the collection includes, with different clothes and in different settings.

We can see the same thing in a latex bodysuit close to the body with knee-high boots than in a pink sports suit.

And some of the images have received more attention than others, like one in which the foreground shows the rear of the singer from Texas.

These images have helped attract the eyes of fans, both Beyoncé and Adidas, which, undoubtedly, together with a synonym of success, because as we told you Icy Park, it is the singer’s third collaboration with the sports brand .

Beyoncé has also highlighted other pieces such as alpine garments with linings and touches of texture in blue tones.

Likewise, this collaboration is designed for diversity, so there are garments from XS to plus size and many of them are gender neutral.

Tell us what you think of Beyoncé’s most recent collaboration with Adidas and the marketing strategy implemented by the singer who, by the way, is available from February 19.

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