Bethenny Frankel on Fiance Paul Bernon’s ‘Simple and Beautiful’ Proposal: ‘No Makeup, No Manicure’

Bethenny Frankel is excited about Paul Bernon’s proposal! The 50-year-old reality star tells People that his commitment to the film producer and the real estate developer was “intimate.”

“Just the two of us, on an island in Florida. No makeup, no manicures, no ring photos,” he says. “It was very simple and beautiful.”

While news of their engagement was made public in March, Bernon asked the question more than a month earlier. “It felt strange to announce it,” says Frankel. “That felt counterintuitive.”

The proposal came more than two years after they began dating in October 2018, after meeting on a dating app.

“I was very lucky when I walked in and saw him,” says Frankel of the first time he met Bernon. “It had a shine. It came as advertised, better than advertised. It surpassed the mark.”

After a brief separation in October 2020, Frankel and Bernon sparked reconciliation rumors in February 2021, before confirming their reunion later that month.

Regardless, Frankel chose to keep his relationship with Bernon largely private, following their highly publicized marriage and split from Jason Hoppy.

Frankel and Hoppy, who share a daughter, Bryn, 10, married in 2010 and announced their separation two years later. Their divorce, which Frankel calls “the hardest experience of my life,” didn’t end until March 2021.

“I’ve been in a fish tank in the past, but that hasn’t always worked so well,” admits Frankel.

With her divorce behind her and her outdoor engagement, Frankel focuses on her charity work, her daughter, and the HBO series Max. The big shot with Bethenny.

As for her upcoming wedding, Frankel just points out, “I’m not going to be the old woman nearing menopause who goes to the newsstand to buy bridal magazines. I say, ‘What are you doing?'”


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