Bethany Hamilton gives birth to her third child on Valentine’s Day

Bethany Hamilton is officially a mother of 3!

The surfer gave birth to her third child with her husband, Adam Dirks, on Valentine’s Day, growing her surf-loving ohana into one more. Dirks announced the arrival of baby Micah the Hamilton website.

“He’s a boy! His name is Micah,” Dirks wrote. “Mom is happy and healthy. We are so thankful that everything went very well!”

The Christian youth minister went on to call Micah’s birth a “blessing” and “the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.”

“It is an incredible blessing … the process of giving birth and the miracle of life that God has given. We are humbled and grateful to have another opportunity to raise a child in his faith. Hopefully we can be good examples and love him. “, Dirks. additional.

Hamilton announced that she was pregnant with baby no. 3 in October, sharing a sweet video of her two children kissing and hugging her growing belly.

“Thankful for more family fun to come !!” Hamilton captioned the post.

In a June 2020 interview with Hawai’i Magazine, talked about being the mother of two children.

“It feels like it’s a never-ending balancing act. I think it will always be like this, in an incredible way,” she said before mentioning how she and Dirks are “a team unit.” “We divide a lot of the work. Even though I do a lot, I also feel like I’m still a full-time mother. The only time they’re not with me is when I’m in the ocean, pretty much. They just are a part of our life very thoroughly and they simply accompany us. “

Hamilton recovered from a shark attack in 2003 in which he lost his left arm. The mother of three previously spoke about the challenges of one-armed motherhood, while pregnant with her first child in 2015.

“One-arm motherhood, I’ve been thinking about it. I often forget that I have an arm, but when I think of a squirming baby, diaper changing and just me and this squirming baby,” Hamilton said. “It could really be a challenge.”

The surfer has mastered the challenge, now adding baby no. 3 to that endless balancing act. Micah is joined by his brothers Tobias, 5, and Wesley, 2.


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