Below Deck’s James Hough gets caught up in Elizabeth Frankini’s romantic advances (exclusive)

Below deck ‘s Elizabeth Frankini and James Hough seem to be charting different paths for their future. In ET’s exclusive first look at Monday’s all-new episode of Bravo’s hit, Elizabeth corners James in the crew quarters (while he’s trying to eat) to pepper him with questions about his future. A couple of connections in the cockpit have Elizabeth ready to compromise … and James prepares to jump overboard!

“I know James still has a bit of guard, which is a little scary,” Elizabeth admits in a confessional, after asking James where his head is when it comes to them as a couple. “I want to know how he feels and I want to hear it from him, because I feel things. I don’t know if I’m just ‘having fun’ more.”

“Do you believe in long distance relationships?” he asks the New Yorker, hinting at his plan to return to the UK and go back to work on land after the rental season is over. Elizabeth says “no” but then asks, “But do you believe in crazy decisions?”

“I’m not trying to, like, come and move in with you or something,” he clarifies, “but the chances of me being open to traveling and having, like, a new adventure is pretty high.” Because that’s how I roll! ”

“I am literally caught up in this conversation!” James laments in his own confessional. “Talking about feelings and shit makes me want to just jump off a cliff, and not into the water!”

James tries to get rid of Elizabeth’s advances a couple more times, but she always answers with more questions. Check out the shame-worthy chat here:

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