Barack Obama says one of wife Michelle’s ‘main goals’ as First Lady was not to be photographed in a bathing suit

Barack Obama is revealing a surprising goal that Michelle Obama had as first lady. In a digital cover story for Vanity fair, the 44th president explains why his wife once chose not to spend a day at the beach with him and their youngest daughter, Sasha.

“‘This is one of my main goals as first lady. I will not be photographed by paparazzi in a bathing suit,'” Barack recalls his wife telling him. “And he got it”.

While the former first lady “took seriously” her wish not to be photographed in a bathing suit, Barack notes that his wife is actually “funnier” than him most of the time.

“I have to say that, because she insists that it is,” he jokes. “She is naturally a great storyteller. There is a rule in our house that says she can make fun of me but I can’t make fun of her. I pointed out to her that that’s not fair, and she says, ‘Yes. So what? I’m often the worst part of his humor, and the girls have noticed that. “

Although Barack is often “the recipient of teasing and jokes” around his family, he rejoices in humor regardless, as it helps to “explain the world around us.”

“The human condition can be absurd, and if you learn to laugh at it, it helps you overcome pain, hardships and difficulties,” he says, before jokingly boasting of his own comic sensibilities.

“I’m fun,” Barack insists. “I killed at the Correspondents Dinner. Professional comedians never wanted to follow me. Come on!”

Humor plays an important role in Obama’s memoirs, A promised land, but also some more challenging moments with his wife.

“Much of the book is the story of our love and our partnership, and the sacrifices it made for the career I chose,” he says. “And the need to be honest about the fact that she really didn’t want me to be in politics, and that hurt her in so many ways.”

“It helped the fact that she wrote her book first, she had already published some of that, so it was not so much me, you know, opening the curtain,” he continues to refer to his wife’s memoir from 2018. Becoming. “She had already done that. I was just giving my perspective in terms of how I felt about her anguish over some of our decisions.”

A promised land It is now available.


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