Bad Bunny is criticized by Mexican wrestlers after WrestleMania

The presence of Bad Bunny at WrestleMania 37 gave a lot to talk about around the world and while many praised his work, for others it was a mockery of wrestling.

And is that how this sport is seen in Mexico and the United States is very different, since in the first country it is a tradition and there is much suspicion (although there have also been celebrities fighting), in some companies in the American Union it usually stands out a lot is show.

WWE is a company that is fully classified as sports entertainment; Although its main product is wrestling matches, it has taken your brand to other dimensionss.

Thus, for a long time he has brought many celebrities to wrestling events, from athletes, to actors, singers and influencers.

Bad Bunny was WWE’s most recent guest to get into a ring and at WrestleMania he fulfilled his dream of fighting in a company event.

Fighters of the brand recognized him and applauded for what was done, people like The Miz, John Morrison, Randy Orton and Triple H. However, in Mexico some people did not like that this happened, especially due to the recent departures of Andrade and Kalisto, Latino wrestlers who could not have the opportunity in the WWE magno event.

Dr. Wagner Jr. criticized WWE’s decision to put Bad Bunny at WrestleMania 37

It is so Dr. Wagner Jr., one of the most popular wrestlers in Mexico criticized that a singer was given the opportunity, instead of some of the Latino talents in WWE.

Inconceivable what happened at WrestleMania, that an internationally recognized reggaeton player such as Bad Bunny and face great stars of the fight … having fighters like Andrade or Santos Escobar, They could well take that place, not a reggeton player who could learn I don’t know in four months … It’s not pleasant “

“Previously in WrestleMania invited basketball players, football players, weightlifters, but they were athletes; but not a reggaeton player. That company wants to hoard a lot of things for entertainment purposes. I do not think that Bad bunny he is going to dedicate himself to wrestling ”.

Gold Ribbon assured that WWE does not care about Latin or Mexican talent

Another who criticized the singer’s presence was Gold Ribbon, who previously was known as the second Faceless in Wwe and that due to lack of opportunities, he decided to leave the company in 2020.

The main Latin star at WrestleMania was Bad Bunny, and he’s not even a fighter. Good for him, huh? You know, did an amazing job and was greatBut if I put myself in the shoes of a WWE wrestler, a Mexican wrestler, a Latino wrestler and he wasn’t there, then I’d be pretty mad; because I’m there breaking my ass, trying my best to have a chance and you don’t get it.

In WWE, Gold Ribbon was known as Sin Cara.

“Then you realize that WWE don’t care about Latinos, or the Mexicans, just not. No matter what they say. If they want to do that, why? Why not have a Mexican star at WrestleMania? Not even one. Not even one”.

And it is that in the most important event of WWE there was no Mexican wrestler and the only Latinos were Bad Bunny Damian Priest, being that currently on the roster are Rey Mysterio, Dominik Mysterio, Ángel Garza, Humberto Carrillo, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik among others and back then Kalisto was still there.

What is clear is that Bad Bunny was at this event because of the number of people he could attract outside the world of wrestling. This objective was fulfilled, as many entertainment and general information media spoke about the subject; even Bad Bunny generated him millions of dollars in sale of merchandise with your image.

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