‘Bachelor’ Matt James Talks About Fans Calling For Katie To Be The Next ‘Bachelorette’ (Exclusive)

Things may not have worked out between Matt James and Katie Thurston, but that doesn’t mean they both can’t find love in him. Single franchise. In an interview with ET’s Lauren Zima last week, Matt spoke about fan calls for Katie to be the next bachelorette party.

“You dress Night One like the kind of woman Katie is. She’s not going to be afraid to be herself, and you’ve seen it with the way she’s run her business,” Matt said, encouraging fans to ” be patient. ” to see how it all unfolds. “

“Katie will have her time. And having a woman like that in the house made the experience better for everyone.”

While fans have been on Katie’s team for weeks, rumors surfaced over the weekend that Katie had been officially cast in the upcoming bachelorette party. However, he seemed to shut down those rumors on social media.

“Read my text messages this morning as news to me,” he wrote on his Instagram story.

Katie made waves starting with Night One, when she greeted Matt with a vibrator as part of her entrance. She rubbed some of the contestants the wrong way, but Katie quickly became a fan favorite for her maturity. In the middle of the drama in the house, Katie encouraged the women to be kind to each other, and alerted Matt that there was bullying that could ruin a contestant’s life.

The Renton, Washington native landed her first one-on-one date with Matt on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor. They had fun joking around with Matt’s friend Tyler Cameron on the day portion of their date, but after sitting down to dinner, Matt decided they weren’t compatible.

“I remember the first night we met, how much our relationship has grown and how you have set the tone, not only for the women in the house, but for this experience, for them and for me. I don’t even know how to express to you how much you feel. I appreciate and how much you have meant to me in this process, “said Matt.

“But you’ve been honest with me, and I owe you the same honesty, and the truth is that my relationship with some of the other women in the house has progressed more than ours up to this point. And I can” Give you this rose tonight “He added.” And that’s not a slight to who you are and how much time we’ve spent together. I just haven’t had those feelings that I need to have about finding a wife in this process. “

Matt told the camera that he and Katie just didn’t have a connection that could lead to marriage. Meanwhile, Katie said she was surprised by her decision.

“I didn’t see it coming at all, and I felt the blood drain from my face when he started telling me that I wasn’t getting the rose tonight,” she said. “I was already imagining what it would be like to spend time with him at a football game with Tyler and his friends and my friends.”

“You start painting your future, only to have it rubbed off,” Katie expressed.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 pm ET / PT on ABC. See more in the video below.


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