Ayesha Curry criticized for contradicting herself by publishing nude photo

Actress and cookbook author Ayesha Curry was criticized for posting a nude on Instagram when she previously rejected people showing themselves without clothes.

In a 2015 tweet, basketball player Stephen Curry’s wife had said: everyone barely wears clothes these days, huh? Is not my style. I like to keep the good things hidden from the one who matters.

Now that the kitchen writer has published a nude photo on Instagram, many users have criticized her, reminding her of her words previously said.

The photography will be part of their Sweet July magazine. So many natural remedies for wellness and skin in this issue!Said the writer in the caption where she also revealed that the image was chosen by her husband.

Despite harsh criticism against Curry, other users supported the publication of the photograph. She looks great and is a grown woman, just because she shows some skin doesn’t mean she needs to be justified! There really is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel your best.said @zarahrachelevans.

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