Ashley Judd hospitalized after breaking her leg in the fall of the jungle in Africa

Ashley Judd is in the intensive care unit after suffering an accident in the African region of the Congo. The 52-year-old actress talked about breaking her leg during a field trip while chatting from her hospital bed with The New York Times‘Nicholas Kristof on Instagram Live.

“I am in an ICU trauma unit in beautiful South Africa, which has taken me in from the Congo, a country that I love deeply and which, unfortunately, is not equipped to deal with massive catastrophic injuries like I have had,” he shared. Judd added, “And the difference between me and a Congolese person is the disaster insurance that allowed me, 55 hours after my accident, to reach an operating table in South Africa.”

He also referred to his privilege of being able to get help quickly unlike Congolese who do not always have access to medical help or “the lack of a simple pill to relieve pain when a leg has been broken in four places.” and have nerve damage. “

Judd shared that while on a hike while investigating Bonobos, his headlamp was not working properly and there was a fallen tree that he tripped over and broke his leg. He then detailed the “incredibly heartbreaking” accident, “howling like a wild animal” and “going into shock” and passing out from the pain.

Judd said it was about five hours before another “hour and a half in a hammock” took place in the rainforest. He then traveled by motorcycle for six hours to get to another location.

“I was on the verge of my limit,” Judd said, adding that this is where their privilege came in after paying someone to drive them. It would take about 55 hours to receive treatment in South Africa.

Judd, who reconnected from losing his WiFi connection at the hospital, also made sure to note how lucky he is to be able to get the help he needs when many people in the country cannot. The actress also thanked everyone who helped her restore her leg and help her get to the ICU.


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