Armie Hammer Leaves Broadway Play ‘The Minutes’ Amid Sexual Assault Allegations

Armie Hammer exited another project amid sexual assault allegations against her. The 34-year-old actor has left the Broadway play. The minutes, according to multiple reports. In a statement, Hammer explained that he needs to “focus on me” and his health for the sake of his family.

“I loved every second of working on The minutes with the family that I made of Steppenwolf, “Hammer said in a statement given to Deadline on Friday. “But right now I need to focus on myself and my health for the sake of my family. Consequently, I will not return to Broadway with the production.”

Further, The minutes The team also told the publication, “Armie remains a valued colleague to all of us who have worked with him onstage and offstage in The minutes. We only wish him the best and we respect his decision. “

Hammer was part of the original production at the 2017 Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago. He was expected to return to the stage and was in previews on Broadway before the close of the coronavirus pandemic last year. It has since been rescheduled for March 2022.

The news comes after Hammer was charged with rape and battery by a 24-year-old woman named Effie last month. Hammer has denied all the allegations against him.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed to ET that Hammer is the prime suspect in the sexual assault investigation that began on February 3, 2021, after an attorney representing a woman contacted investigators from the Special Assault Section of the LAPD West Office of Operations. After speaking with the woman, the department launched an investigation for sexual assault. The evidence was provided by the woman and is part of the investigation.

In January, direct messages surfaced that were allegedly written by the actor, where he allegedly detailed graphic sexual fantasies, some with references to cannibalism. The messages were not confirmed to have been written by Hammer, and he issued a statement calling the allegations “nonsense.” Later, several women alleged that he was abusive during what began as consensual BDSM relationships in a Page six Article. An attorney for Hammer denied the allegations in a statement to the outlet.

Hammer has since also been replaced by Dan Stevens in the Julia Roberts and Sean Penn drama. Gaslit, in addition to leaving the movie The billion dollar spy. The actor was also fired by his agency, WME, he left his starring role on the series Paramount +. The offer, about the realization of The Godfather. He was also replaced by Josh Duahmel in Jennifer Lopez’s romantic comedy, Marriage by force.


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