Armie Hammer Fired By His Agency WME Amid Social Media Scandal

Armie Hammer has reportedly been fired by his agency amid his social media scandal. The 34-year-old actor is no longer represented by WME, according to multiple reports. ET has reached out to the agency for comment.

The news comes a week after Hammer left his starring role on the Paramount + The Offer series, about the making of The Godfather. He also dropped out of the Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy, Marriage by force. Josh Duhamel replaced Hammer ever since.

Last month, direct messages allegedly written by Hammer appeared. In the DMs, he allegedly details graphic sexual fantasies, some with references to cannibalism. It has not been confirmed that the messages were written by Hammer, and he called the allegations “nonsense.”

In addition, the Call me by your name The star was recently forced to issue a public apology after sharing a video on her private Instagram account showing a lingerie-clad woman whom she referred to as “Miss Cayman.”

in a statement, The Miss Cayman Islands Universe Committee said they were “very concerned about the video and would like to confirm that the woman is not the reigning Miss Cayman Islands and is not affiliated with the Miss Cayman Islands Universe pageant.”

Hammer then apologized, clarifying: “The person in my video, which was stolen from my private Instagram, is not Miss Cayman … I sincerely regret any confusion my silly attempt at humor may have caused. My condolences to Miss Cayman , whom I do not know, and the entire organization, since I had no intention of implying that it was actually Miss Cayman. “

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