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Anya Taylor-Joy speaks fluent Spanish, listen to her

The protagonist of Lady’s Gambit (The Queen’s Gambit) in Netflix, Anya Taylor-Joyspeak fluent Spanish and many viewers who are beginning to know her are learning about her bilingual abilities.

The surprising thing is that Anya Taylor-Joy She has Hispanic roots and grew up in Argentina where she learned her Spanish.

The actress’s father, Dennis Taylor is of Scottish and Argentine descent, while Jennifer Marina Joy, the artist’s mother, comes of English and Spanish ancestry.

Although the actress was born in Miami, she moved to Argentina at a young age where she lived until she was 6 years old, when her family moved to London. However, she did not speak English at the time and had to adjust to the environment.

In fact, Anya Taylor-Joy, who came to England speaking Spanish, He had a hard time adjusting to the new land and learning the language. In addition, the actress suffered from bullying and told The Associated Press (AP) who has worked during her life to be kind to herself because of the harassment she suffered.

A friend once told me, ‘You would never talk about your friends the way you talk about yourself’, and that was huge (…) It is such a difficult journey for each individual to befriend oneself. Some people are born and have it, and I applaud those people. I was not one of them, declared the actress to AP.

In the interviews in which the actress has participated speaking Spanish, she shares words widely used in Argentina and also maintains the characteristic accent of that country.

The news produced this note with information from The Associated Press (AP).