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The novel of Judy Blume Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret (Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret) will finally be taken to movie theater and already has part of the cast.

Posted in 1970 became a classic of the literature. Narrates the puberty conflicts of a little girl of 11 years call Margaret Simon. She forms a club secret with three girls facing the same Doubts of the transition to adolescence. The name of the novel is given by the internal conversation What does Margaret have? With God in her encounter with faith, being the daughter of a jewish father and one Christian mother.

Since October 2018 it was announced that the filmmakers James L. Brooks Y Kelly Fremon Craig they would have the rights to the book. However, so far the details you were expecting are released.

The novelist Blume, to his 83 years decided to give up the rights to his most famous work so that Are you there God? It’s me, margaret be a movie, although for a long time he hesitated to do so.

The cast of the film Are you there God? It’s me, margaret

The same writer showed her excitement on Twitter about the incorporation of characters. “It really is happening! It’s exciting to see the cast reunite. We got off to a great start with Abby and Rachel. “

And is that Abby ryder fortson Y Rachel McAdams They are among the first names of figures that will give life to the characters in the novel. Fortson, 12, will play the lead Margaret Simon, with whom you find similarities.

Margaret and I are very similar. I love her. She is so silly and amazing. She is all heart and love and she just wants to have friends and discover who she is, “said the young actress.

For its part, McAdams It will be the mother of Margaret, Barbara. Has the endorsement of starring in a Jewish movie Disobedience, with Jewish mother Rachel Weisz.

The casting will soon feature Margaret’s Jewish father, Herbert, as well as her loving Jewish grandmother, Sylvia.

Filming of Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret will be held in Charlotte

The movie Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret will start to be filmed in April. He still did not know the release date, but it is presumed that it will be this year 2021.

And after the announcement of a casting it became known that Charlotte and its surroundings will be locations for the shooting. Know all the details to be part of the movie extras:

Blume announced that she will be involved in all phases of the film, she even plans to visit the set, so she will have her participation as a producer. Without a doubt, the film already has fans waiting.

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