Andrés García shoots a pistol in the middle of an interview with Yordi Rosado

The actor Andres Garcia surprised the driver Yordi Pink, when in the middle of an interview, the veteran of the screens, fired a gun while they talked.

The interview touched on various topics from the life of the 79-year-old actor, including their loves and problems, but one of the moments that gained the attention of fans followers of Yordi Pink It was when he pulled out a gun.

And it is that the driver assured that he had never had one near and did not know how to handle it. Of immediator Andrés García took a pistol out of a case.

“Three shots are always fired”he commented before shooting the horizon three times. “Any caliber can kill, this is an impact bullet, it is round, then it hits you and knocks you down, what you want is for it to fall and not continue shooting at you,” he said about the weapon he is carrying.

Andrés García shot three times.

He also assured that If I had to defend myself with a weapon I would do it without hesitation.

And when Yordi asked him if what he had just done was legal, Andrés García limited himself to answering: “It’s good for me mothers.”

Here we leave you the complete interview.

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