Andrea Legarreta reveals video of the assault on her husband Erik Rubín

Monday night the musician Erik Rubín reported that he suffered an assault while he was with his car parked in the Polanco area, in CDMX, so immediately, authorities and police forces began to track down the criminals.

Between the belongings that were stolen from Erik Rubín highlights an Audemars Piguet watch, which is valued at several thousand dollars and is one of the singer-songwriter’s most prized possessions.

Andrea Legarreta reveals video of the assault on her husband Erik Rubín

One day after the robbery of Erik Rubín, his wife, Andrea Legarreta released a video where you can see the moment of the robbery of her husband and shows the details of how the composer was located.

The recording lasts just four seconds and is already circulating on social networks, where you can clearly see a subject standing next to the car of the former member of the Timbiriche band, stripping the famous man of a watch, and then fleeing on foot.

In the case of the robbery of Erik Rubín, the Secretariat of Citizen Security of Mexico City (CDMX) reported that, thanks to the coordinated work between the police and the monitoring of security cameras installed throughout the capital, Four men and one woman were arrested in connection with the robbery of the singer.

Erik Rubín’s daughter suffered a nervous breakdown

In a video he posted on his Instagram account, Erik Rubín also explained that his daughter Mia had a nervous breakdown when she heard the death threats that the singer received to deliver the watch.

“A very difficult moment for me because I was coming with my daughter, who entered into a nervous breakdown when she heard the guy tell me that he was going to kill me if I didn’t give her the watch. It’s very sad because something very valuable is stolen from you, which is tranquility, which is peace, ”said Erik Rubín.

For its part, Andrea Legarreta, the singer’s wife, regretted that her family was a victim of crime and agreed that they steal their tranquility.

“It’s a shame, as Erik said, here it coincided because it seems that it is a band that had many complaints and that is the important thing, to report. The reality is, as Erik says, what they steal from us as citizens goes beyond an object, because it is peace; because a girl heard that a guy with a gun pointed at her father and said ‘give me the watch or I’m going to kill you’, that’s what marks us as a society ”, explained the host.

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