An arrest warrant is issued for the actor Gonzalo Peña for the violation of Daniela Berriel

The actor Gonzalo Pena is wanted by the Mexican justice, after the former actress, Daniela berrieHe will denounce him for being an accomplice of Eduardo Ojeda for rape.

The actress’s lawyer confirmed that arrest warrant was turned against him; even the Interpol He is already looking for him because it is feared that he has fled the country.

Gonzalo already has an arrest warrant against him for the crime of rape, Gonzalo is already being sought by the authorities of the country and around the world ”, confirmed the lawyer Javier Olea in the program Come the joy.

At the moment nothing is known about the actor, so it is thought that I have even returned to Spain, his native country or somewhere else in Europe, so the international police are already on the alert.

“He probably had enough time to escape“.

Both Eduardo Ojeda and Gonzalo Pena They already have an arrest warrant, although at the moment their whereabouts are unknown.

Daniela Berriel denounced Eduardo Ojeda and Gonzalo Peña for rape

The actress Daniela Berriel published a video where she made the complaint that EDuardo Ojeda and Gonzalo Peña for having abused her in March 2020, when he was with both in Acapulco Guerrero.

Ojeda had sexual relations with her without her consent and although she repeatedly refused, he did not give up raping her. Peña would have witnessed everything, even in the same room and never tried to stop Eduardo Ojeda.

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