Amy Schumer wears her ‘best dress’ to receive her COVID-19 vaccine: Watch

It’s safe to say that Amy Schumer was excited to get the COVID-19 vaccine! The 39-year-old comedian shared videos and photos from the vaccination site on Sunday, dancing in the car with her husband, Chris Fischer, and declaring, “This is my way of getting the energy from the vaccine,” pumping her fist in the car. .

At the venue, Schumer wore a sparkly minidress with a hole cut out on the arm to honor the occasion.

“I just wanted to entertain some of the workers here and for their 15 minutes, but I’m sorry if they were going to use this time to meditate,” Schumer joked to the room full of people waiting to receive his jab.

The I feel pretty Star wants others to do the same in an effort to honor health heroes and celebrate the momentous occasion.

“I want to thank all the brave people in the medical field. But more than them I want to congratulate myself,” he joked in his Instagram caption. “I’m amazing, I love the people of New York. Even the annoying ones. Good to see you all. I feel excited and hopeful. I hope you do too.”

He urged his fans to use “#downtogown” to help support the charity. Children’s Pencils, Inc. and have a picture taken in your “best suit or prettiest dress”.

Calling it a “good way to show respect to the people who work there and who understand the enormity of what they are doing,” added Schumer, “Thank you heroes. They are selfless and their humanity inspires us all.”

Although she’s excited to get vaccinated, Schumer opened up to ET in January about seeing her almost 2-year-old son, Gene, grow up in quarantine.

“He’s so good and he’s starting to speak in complete sentences,” he said. “He doesn’t say a word but he has a lot of conviction. It’s basically me, because he uses his hands a lot.”


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