‘American Idol’ Castoff Beane Shares Moment From Show He Seen As ‘Form Of Protest’

Although his american idolThe trip ended this week, 23-year-old contestant Beane is proud of the impact he had on the show.

Pennsylvania-based wedding singer appears Thursday The Ellen DeGeneres Show where it opens up about feeling comfortable expressing yourself on the ABC competition show.

“I believe that the freedom that american idol He gave me to dress how I wanted and to present myself as an artist was super, super charming, to really feel like myself every time I was on stage ”, he shares from the experience.

Highlight a particular moment earlier this month. Beane had the opportunity to sing a duet with Josh Groban on the Robbie Williams song “Angels.”

“We did a little pronoun change and it was wonderful,” says Beane of Groban. “He let me sing the word ‘he’ instead of ‘she’ and it’s like those little moments, it correlates with painting a hand or some eyeliner, whatever, which I think acts as almost a form of protest. In a way, just changing the norm a little bit. Maybe not screaming about who I am, but I think those little tweaks allow people to see themselves. “

Beane talked about having a boyfriend on the show and opted to sing the word “he” instead of “she” during the love song.

He said his small hometown background nearly made him avoid auditioning for the show all together.

“I come from a small town in central Pennsylvania, Williamsport. I love my Williamsport people, but I definitely don’t walk around in my outfit,” he says, referring to his outfit on stage. “So I think every time you expose yourself in that way, you leave yourself open to judgment, exposure and comment, but the people at home have been nothing but sweet.”

american idol he is now in the top nine contestants. To learn more about the show, watch the clip below:


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