Alfredo Adame apologizes for insulting in political campaign

The driver, actor and now politician Alfredo Adame, he apologized for the outburst of courage that he fell victim to a few days ago, where in full proselytizing act he insulted a motorist.

On April 26, the candidate of Progressive Social Networks a deputy, he got into an argument with a man who insulted him for his intention to enter politics, to the extent that in the middle of the interview the mother lied to the motorist.

Through a video, the presenter affirmed that he was a victim of anger over the aggression, but that he did not justify his actionsry assured that he will learn to control himself.

“Last weekend I was involved in a vehicular incident in which I reacted in a way that is not the line that a serious political party like Progressive Social Networks should follow. I was a victim of anger and fury when I felt attacked and I responded in a way that is not what the party has in mind so that its candidates make a serious proposal.

“It is my commitment, I have learned a lesson, in politics you have to have thick skin and a long wick … I let you know that I have a commitment to you between now and the end of the campaign and I will behave the way I am a candidate for Federal Deputy must lead, “said Adame in the video.

In this way, Alfredo Adame seeks to continue with his campaign and achieve victory to be part of the Chamber of Deputies in the next session.

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