Alex Trebek’s son Matthew is donating his father’s suits to charity

Alex Trebek’s son Matthew is honoring his father’s memory in a way that helps those in need. The late Danger! The host’s considerable wardrobe will soon go to charity work.

Alex’s wife Jean took to Instagram on Tuesday to explain how proud she is of her son for donating the TV icon’s suits to a charity that helps the homeless and previously incarcerated re-enter the the workforce.

“I sincerely appreciate my son, Matthew, and his great idea to donate his dad’s suits to @thedoefund,” Jean wrote, alongside a black and white snapshot of Alex wearing one of his suits in his dressing room. “I had never heard of this amazing organization until Matt caught my eye … it’s really wonderful.”

“I am happy to hear that Alex’s suits will be donated to such an important cause,” he continued.

According to The Doe Fund, the organization’s mission is to “break the cycles of homelessness, incarceration and recidivism by providing comprehensive services, housing and job opportunities.”

Mateo spoke with Insidewink about his work with The Doe Fund, explaining that he felt that the show, which donated the suits to people who were going to job interviews and trying to rebuild their lives, was something his father “would totally agree with.”

“We live in a world where dressing appropriately can make a difference in how you feel about yourself and how you are perceived. While I know it’s not just about what you wear, there is something to be said to feel a little better about yourself. of yourself when you take pride in your outfit, “he shared. “My hope is that the confidence that someone can feel in wearing one of my dad’s suits and ties will help them get a job and, more importantly, help them realize that they are not alone.”

Meanwhile, Alex’s daughter Nicky, his adopted daughter from his marriage to ex-wife Elaine Trebek Kares, paid tribute to her father on Monday, marking three months since Alex died following a battle with stage pancreatic cancer. 4. Nicky honored her father’s memory with a photo of the pageant legend that always makes her smile.

“It’s been 3 months and instead of posting something sad, #choosejoy,” he wrote. “This always makes me laugh to think of how many times he did it trying to get it right 😅 #threemonths #missingyoualways #pad 🌟 # milestonesandmemories.”

For more about the Danger! the life and legacy of the host, watch the video below.


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