Alex Rodríguez boasts less kilos after cutting with JLo

Former baseball player Alex Rodriguez bragged about the physical change he has had after having ended their relationship Jennifer López, which is from a change of look to losing several kilos.

And it is that before cutting with the singer, had started a weight loss regimen and four months later he achieved a substantial change.

Through your Instagram account, Alex boasted the change he has had, publishing a photo from December 2020 and a recent one from April 2021.

It can also observe with a very different look, Well, in the first photo he has looser clothes and currently he dresses more casual.

“I left Dad’s body in 2020. Is anyone else determined to stick with their fitness goals this year? I have been consistent with my workouts and finally gave up the chips. What food is your weakness? ”Commented the former athlete.

After the photos, the comments of the fans could not be absent, as they went out of their way to praise the work done by the commentator of ESPN.

Although they are no longer a couple, Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez were on good terms and they have recently been seen together, talking about business and discovering the new stage in the relationship, now separated.

JLo and Alex Rodríguez: These images could confirm their reconciliation
Image: @world_celebs_style

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