Alejandro Fernández in concert: he will start with California

To seal weeks of great emotions, Alejandro Fernández announced that his first concert for the tour that he will resume in the United States will be California.

The newcomer as a grandfather expressed that he can only smile at the possibilities that this year presents.

In addition to setting a date for his tour, he will receive the Icon Award at the Latin American Music Awards (Latin AMAs) on Thursday for his outstanding career. At the event he will have a presentation at the gala.

They are awards that encourage me and motivate me to keep going and continue giving my best, ”said the foal from Miami.

Alejandro Fernández will give a concert in California

The regional Mexican music star announced that the tour of his album “Made in Mexico” is also an achievement after being interrupted indefinitely by the pandemic after giving some presentations in Guadalajara and Mexico City last year.

Now it will start in the United States on September 10 in California. For September 15, an important night for fans of regional Mexican music for the celebration of Mexican Independence Day, will be in Las Vegas.

What we are doing is starting here obviously with the vaccination, ”said Fernández. “We are going to continue following the (health) protocols in each place that is needed.”

The concert tickets They will go on sale on Friday.

Fernández concert tour

This tour is special for Fernández because he will be sharing the stage with his son Alex, who is beginning to make his way in his career. They will be interacting and singing a duet, which makes him “very happy.”

I think it will serve him a lot, ”she said about her son. “I see him very excited.”

In the Californian cities of Los Angeles, San José and San Diego they will have Christian Nodal as a guest, while in Miami they will be accompanied by the female pop duo Ha


At the moment they have a month of tour planned, but it could be extended to Mexico and Latin America and Spain as more countries open to this type of presentation.

We had a lot of collaborations this year and we can do a lot of duets and invitations to performances, ”said Fernández.

The star said he was excited to see the public sing the songs from his album, because the change in plans due to the pandemic allowed him to present in more detail songs such as “Decepciones” and “What does oblivion taste like” and gave his fans time to learn them.

“Made in Mexico” also earned him a Latin Grammy for best ranchera / regional music album and was nominated for a Grammy.

I feel very happy because I finally returned to my land, to Mexican music, and I am happy with the acceptance it has had ”, said Fernández.

Fernández spoke of his experience as a grandfather

But the biggest prize of the year is for him Cayetana, his first granddaughter, daughter of his daughter Camila.

Alejandro Fernández is already a grandfather: Cayetana was born!

“Dessert was ahead of me,” said the 49-year-old artist when answering if the phrase that grandchildren are the dessert of life is real.


When I go to my daughter’s house and see her, I spend three hours just watching her sleep. I can’t wait until I start running so I can bring it back and spoil it ”.

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