Alejandra Guzmán reconciles with her daughter Frida Sofía

Alejandra Guzmán was finally able to reconcile with her daughter Frida Sofía. After two years without speaking, mother and daughter made the passes through a call in the program Despierta América.

Before the phone call, Frida Sofía told Alan Tacher that she was very scared when she found out that her mother tested positive for COVID-19. The young woman said she saw several videos on YouTube where her mother allegedly said goodbye to her.

“I didn’t know I had Covid, I was scared… I found out thanks to you. I dialed him ”, Frida narrated. “That weight of having this strong distance with my own mother is, like, if something happens, God forbid, we never know when it’s our turn,” he said. On that occasion her mother reassured her and assured her that she was not as sick as many said, nor was she connected to any device.

Alejandra Guzmán reconciles with her daughter Frida SofíaAlejandra Guzmán reconciles with her daughter Frida Sofía
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Alejandra Guzmán and Frida Sofía agree to take therapy

But to everyone’s surprise, the production of the morning show linked Frida Sofía with Alejandra Guzmán. During the call-on-air, mother and daughter spoke sincerely and with “open hearts.” The two had been estranged since 2019, when the young woman accused her mother of improper attitudes.

“Well, mommy, to be happy I need you in my life. To be happy, to feel complete, I have always needed you … and I know that you need me too. And there I have been, and you know it, It hurt me to be so distant and I miss you “Frida Sofia said to her mother.

“But we do have to talk so many things that it hurts both of us… we haven’t had the opportunity to sit down and talk, and that’s what I look forward to the most. because you are my mom, I miss you”, He added.

After Frida Sofía said these words, La Guzmán responded in a very affectionate way to her daughter: “Well, I also miss you my girl, you are my favorite person and you always have been and always will be. And as soon as I get out and can travel I’ll go kiss you, hug you and talk with you. No need for anyone in between”Said Alejandra.

But the young woman suggested that when the two of them talk, there is a therapist to help them solve their problems in the best way. To which La Guzmán agreed.

“The only thing we need is her, me and, if you want, a therapist, who is necessary and fair and obvious so that we can talk,” said the rocker.

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