Alejandra Guzmán has coronavirus, confirmed Enrique Guzmán and they point to Mimí de Flans

Mexican singer Alejandra Guzmán has coronavirus, according to a confirmation made by her father, also singer Enrique Guzmán.

It was through his social networks that the rocker indicated that his daughter had symptoms related to COVID-19, after he had contact with Mimi, the Flans member, in his new TV Azteca program.

In a publication 20 hours ago, the 78-year-old singer had indicated that Alejandra had already taken the test and today published the following.

Previously, also through Twitter, the interpreter of Clown reported that they had suspicions that he had been infected in the television program of Aztec tv.

In an interview with the First Hand program, Enrique Guzmán said that a few days ago that Alejandra Guzmán and he went to the program that Mimi conducts and at that time it was not known that she had coronavirus.

I am vaccinated, but my daughter is not. I just talked to her and she has a lot of headaches, we are very worried, “said the rocker at the time.

Enrique Guzmán received the first dose of the vaccine on February 15, so he said that he is not worried about his health, but about his daughter’s.

Likewise, the former member of the Teen Tops commented that he is waiting to receive the second dose of the vaccine.

Here we leave you in a video in which Mimi de Flans told that she tested positive for the coronavirus.

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