Alejandra Guzmán embraces the ‘Dark Side’ of her life

A few days after turning 52, singer Alejandra Guzmán has learned to embrace her dark side and flourish amidst uncertainty.

This is also the theme of his most recent single “Lado Oscuro”, which was released today and is part of his new record material.

And it is that being in quarantine and isolated, has brought several positive aspects for the cantente from Mexico City, among them the inspiration to compose.

It has been good for me to be able to write about myself. I feel that we are all very sensitive about the pandemic right now, so what better than to give a beautiful letter.

I’ve been writing a lot and I returned to my sound, the one I like, the one that makes me vibrate, the analog, the one that is touched with feeling. I went back to ballads, rock and roll, blues, all the rhythms. I returned to my roots and that makes me feel at home, ”Guzmán said in an interview for La Noticia.

However, making this song meant for “La Guzmán” to make a confession to herself and face the negative aspects instead of hiding them, something she considers to be intelligent and that has led her to be at peace.

In addition, Alejandra Guzmán creates without fear of being judged and knowing that art and her songs are open to the interpretation of anyone, as she did with the single “Dark Side”.

Now that we are with us, then with us and last with us, it is a good time to make peace with many things and not fear feeling depression, sadness or anxiety.

Art and music is for you to interpret it however you want and I made it thinking about what I have experienced, because I feel that to really feel it you have to hit rock bottom. Sometimes those stumbles are what make you appreciate the good times. “

Alejandra Guzmán enjoys solitude during quarantine

Although for many it has been difficult to be in isolation, for the interpreter of “Yo te Esperaba” and “Flor de Papel” this has been a moment to enjoy solitude and even anonymity.

I like solitude. As I have always been surrounded by people, when I get to my room and there is silence, I enjoy it, I love it and I love putting on the mask because nobody knows who I am, but when I open my mouth they do know who I am, but I like it.

Also, recording this song allowed the singer to be honest with herself and give thanks for her health and that of her family.

About what is said on the Internet and the statements that are made or the attacks that may exist, Guzmán does not worry about it.

The words in the end are blown away by the wind, the moment is the important thing, knowing who you are, facing it, accepting it and every day I say, pray to him, today I’m going to make you want to ”.

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is the video for “Dark Side”, the most recent song by Alejandra Guzman, whose filming was made in the temple of Santo Domingo, in Mexico City.

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