Aislinn Derbez shows photos with little clothes and this is how Eugenio Derbez reacts!

It seems that the photos that Aislinn Derbez shared on her social networks did not please Eugenio Derbez, her father. The actress posed for some pictures with very little clothes and shared them on her Instagram account.

Aislinn assures that her friend @hernyjimenz convinced her to do the session and she liked them so much that she decided to share them. “Well … here waiting for @ederbez to judge my photo … the good thing is that he already knows @hernryjimenz so fix yourselves …” he wrote jokingly.

Aislinn Derbez didn’t know how her dad would react

After sharing the images, Aislinn did not know what Eugenio Derbez would think. In these, the actress is shown wearing sexy sets of black lace underwear and poses very naturally.

“I did not educate her like that. That has to come from his mother’s side, “joked the protagonist of” La Familia Peluche. “

But that was not all, in the following photograph, Eugenio now questions his daughter: “Well, not that a lot of spirituality and a lot of ‘Chaos Magic’? Where was that image that you sold me …, he asks.

Meanwhile, his followers’ comments were fully supportive:

“Beautiful!”, “Divinaaaa !!!”, “Wow”, “I fell in love”, some commented. Some even said not to listen to their dad.

In the third image that Aislinn uploads to Instagram, she shows a close-up. In this one, the 33-year-old model appreciates all the comments of her followers and gives credit for such beautiful photos to her photographer friend.

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