Aislinn Derbez explains why she separated from Mauricio Ochmann

Almost a year ago, Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann made their separation public, through social networks and, recently, the actress explained why she separated from her daughter’s father.

It was on his podcast, The Magic of Chaos, that the young Mexican spoke about the separations and what happened in her relationship with the actor.

Aislinn explained that she knew that the couple’s relationship did not give for more, so in March of last year they announced that they would take time to reformulate their marriage.

I love my daughter’s dad with all my heart. I love him and I always loved him, even when falling in love was over, we continued to love each other impressively, but what we said began to happen: ‘It’s that you’re going here’, ‘I’m going here’, ‘you believe this’ and’ I believe this, ‘”the actress explained on the podcast.

Derbez explained that, although the love continued, each began to have different goals and their lives began to take other directions.

Their goals and paths led them to distance themselves and, with it, to have less compatibility. Additionally, Aislinn elaborated that when this happens in a relationship, it is not necessary to stay there.

It is not working, it is not being compatible, there is no mental compatibility in many aspects and that does not mean that you have to stay, “he explained.

Recently, both Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann have spoken of the good relationship they have, that they will always be a family and that they will continue to work for their good and that of their daughter, despite the separation.

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