Adam Levine talks about whether he would ever play at Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s wedding

Adam Levine is still waiting for his invitation to play at the upcoming wedding of his friends Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani. The 42-year-old Maroon 5 frontman joked about being his ex’s wedding singer Voice colleagues during an interview with SiriusXM The morning puree.

“They can’t pay me,” Levine joked, before adding, “No, yeah, shoot, they haven’t asked me yet … I was just texting them. I love them so much … you’re the best. I would love to. . I would be honored. “

The “Sugar” singer doesn’t have much hope of being the first to pick, adding, “They won’t ask me though. They’ll probably go like Luke Bryan or something.”

During an appearance in December in Late night with Seth MeyersShelton, 44, claimed he had Levine on the short list to play on the big day.

“I’ve decided I’ve been doing this for a long time and I have a lot of favors out there,” Shelton explained at the time. “He may not like it, but Adam Levine is going to have to get the band together and come play at our wedding.”

Levine really saw Shelton’s appearance and assertion and commented on it during his recent radio interview.

“They’re talking about marriage and he’s like, ‘Yeah, I’m going to have Adam Levine come play, he doesn’t know yet,’ and I’m kind of sitting up in bed eating popcorn and I’m like, ‘Man, go to the house. shit, I’m not playing your wedding, ‘”Levine joked.


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