Actor Rodrigo Mejía’s father also dies of COVID-19

Some days ago, the family of actor Rodrigo Mejía reported that unfortunately he had lost his life, after suffering the consequences of COVID-19, illness that deteriorated his health in days.

Actor Rodrigo Mejía’s father also dies of COVID-19

They were just recovering from that painful loss and now, the family has to report that another member has passed away and he is Rodrigo Mejía’s father, who also contracted the disease a few days ago.

So much dad and son lost their lives due to complications derived from the coronavirus. Salvador, the actor’s brother, shared on Instagram that on January 31, his father lost his life, and 11 days later, his brother Rodrigo.

A disease that has left millions of deaths

According to People magazine, both died from Covid-19, disease that has left more than 108 million positive cases and 2.39 million deaths from the disease.

“It is with deep pain that I share with you that both my father, Don Salvador Mejía, and my brother, Rodrigo Mejía, died in the city of Mérida on January 31 and February 11, 2021 respectively,” Salvador says in his publication.

“The regret we feel is great and we still cannot see the impact of this loss, however, we believe that the words full of love from our family and friends will be a good start to heal our hearts. On behalf of my family I thank you all ”, the letter reads.

They say goodbye with emotional messages

The driver Gaby Crassus, Rodrigo’s wife, said goodbye to the actor with an emotional message in which he expressed the great sorrow for his death, and thanked the happiness shared during 12 years, time in which they formed a family.

“I refuse to accept that you will never see me like this again, that you will not hug me, that I will no longer see that beautiful smile that illuminated every place you entered … Love of my life, why did you leave so soon?” the message.

“We had so many plans, so many things that we still had to do… we were blessed with beautiful children who will miss you so much… Love, give me the strength to continue for Matías and Mauro and to be the mother they need and deserve…. Thank you Rodrigo, thank you for 12 years of pure love and happiness ”, he added.

Rest in peace Salvador and Rodrigo Mejía!

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