‘9-1-1’ star Jennifer Love Hewitt reveals she ‘broke a lot of blood vessels’ while filming birthing scene

Jennifer Love Hewitt brought her personal pregnancy experience to 9-1-1. Hewitt spoke to ET before the show’s return on Monday night, where she shared how dedicated she was to making her character Maddie’s pregnancy seem as real as possible on screen.

“With my two sons, I worked for a long time, but I only pressed twice, so I was very lucky to only press a couple of times, so I never pressed for nine hours straight, so it was a lot. I had a really bad migraine, I broke a lot of blood vessels in my face, “Hewitt shared about his experience on set.

Hewitt’s performance was so compelling that even one of the medical experts on set said he would be surprised if a baby didn’t actually come out after his long and false delivery.

“One of the medical experts on the show at one point said, ‘If a baby doesn’t come out of there right now, I’ll be shocked,'” Hewitt said. “I was like, ‘You’re telling me sister!’ So it was a lot, but the audience is going to love it. It’s really exciting and it’s a fun episode for Maddie and Chimmy. “

The actress and mother of two revealed that in Maddie-style, her character went into labor while in the call center.

“Maddie ends up in labor at a very inopportune time because she really wants to go ahead and work until the last minute. She has no idea that the last minute will be during a 911 call,” Hewitt told ET. “By the way, a very serious call and it was a lot of fun filming because I thought, ‘How do you prepare to go to work and do this scene,’ you know?” Adding, “Normally, you try to think about these things, and I was like, ‘I think I have to not think about it. I think I have to do it and see what happens.

Hewitt went on to say that watching Maddie give birth after multiple false alarms is exciting for the audience, who have been eagerly awaiting this moment for Maddie and Chimmy.

“She’s, you know, I think she’s frustrated. I think she’s just over 9 months pregnant,” Hewitt said. “They don’t have a name for the baby yet, so she’s stressed out and there are a couple of false alarms, so I think that’s fun for people.”

Watch the moment Maddie gives birth when 9-1-1 returns tonight at 8 p.m. ET / PT on Fox.


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