‘9-1-1: Lone Star’: Lisa Edelstein Talks About That Shocking Life-Changing Revelation (Exclusive)

Spoiler alert! Don’t continue if you haven’t seen Monday 9-1-1: lone star.

Well, this certainly raises the stakes for Owen and his ex-wife, Gwyneth, in 9-1-1: lone star.

After having a frank conversation about their messy and messy “friends with benefits” situation, Owen (Rob Lowe) and Gwyneth (Lisa Edelstein) were faced with a big life-changing surprise at the end of Monday’s episode: She’s pregnant. .

The reveal came after Owen and Gwyneth (“Gwyn” for short) aired their dirty laundry, so to speak, after he literally proposed that they get back together after their months-long quarantine connections in middle of the pandemic. A (second) marriage proposal was not exactly what he had in mind when he expressed concern about the viability of his untethered situation. Also, there was never going to be a “right” time to break the news of her pregnancy anyway.

With the unexpected news from Gwyn and the challenges ahead for the unofficial couple, ET emailed some of our burning questions to Edelstein to answer, from her initial reaction to the pregnancy twist to her thoughts on why. how Owen and Gwyn can’t seem to be on the same page … ever.

ET: Rob Lowe said that when it came time to cast Gwyn, he thought of you for the role. As it did 9-1-1: lone star make their way into your world?

Lisa Edelstein: They called me last winter, but it wasn’t the right time. They then got closer again during the summer amid an industry-wide shutdown. This time, not only were we all available, but we were eager to get back to work. With all that extra time for story development, they came to me with a detailed story and a fabulous character. Also, I really liked them. It seemed fun to work with them.

How did it feel to meet Rob from your time? The west wing? Was it like no time had passed?

Well, our reunion was in bed with no clothes on, so for your own survival, you pretend that no time has passed. We have very rare jobs! It was lovely and fun and welcoming and we caught up with it really fast, ha! After getting our love scene out of the way, we could slowly roll the rest and get to know each other again. It was fun. Rob is great.

Owen’s ex and TK’s mother had been mentioned from time to time over the course of the first season. Did you feel any pressure when putting on your shoes? What did you connect with the character the most?

I didn’t feel pressure at all, actually, because [executive producer] Tim Minear and his team made it clear how much they saw me in this role. It really helps to know that you have the full confidence of the showrunners. So, I took off my shoes (boots) and put on Gwyn’s (mostly flat sneakers) with no problem. I loved the jokes they gave her and Owen; I felt like Rob and I could have a lot of fun with it and we actually have.

Owen and Gwyn have had a very difficult “friends with benefits” situation so far this season. Why do you think they are struggling to be on the same page with their relationship?

It must be confusing getting back with an ex! They divorced 16 years ago and she had an important relationship during that breakup. So not only is there a lot to relearn from each other, but there is a lot that has changed. I imagine it’s hard to feel safe when you revisit a relationship that has already failed once, and while communication is imperative, it’s a language that you have to rewrite on your feet.

Owen even proposes to her again, but she turns him down (for now). Is marriage something that is really at stake for them?

I don’t think Gwyn needs to be married or that she cares about being married. Owen confused his need for understanding with the need for a proposal. All you really want is to understand where you are and go from there.

At the end of Monday’s episode, Gwyn reveals to Owen that she is pregnant. How did you initially react when you read that baby surprise?

I laughed and laughed and laughed. Then I investigated: “How old was the oldest woman to get pregnant without medical assistance?” The answer is 57. So … okay!

How does this change your relationship now that a baby is coming?

It certainly increases the risks of making things work. Although, I think they are still undecided as to whether the pregnancy is realistic at their age. There are still obstacles ahead.

Certainly, there is an increased risk related to babies born to older mothers. What challenges do you foresee Gwyn going through in the days, weeks and months to come?

You will find out very soon.

Is there an episode or scene that you’ve recently filmed that you’re excited for fans to see?

All my scenes with Rob are funny. I was presented with an episode that we never filmed and that I would like us to do. retrospective scene to the disaster that shook their marriage to the core. But alas, as much as I was willing to crawl through the rubble to tell that story, I don’t think it’s going to happen. Anyway, crawling through (fake) rubble is never as fun as you think it will be. I once had to get shot in a long-lost episode of a TV show and crawl through fake glass. Let me tell you that shooting in cold concrete, in winter, at 5am, with sticky fake blood that needs to get wet every few minutes. it’s not fun. There you go Instead, I traded it for pranks on Rob Lowe. It’s not a bad trade.

9-1-1: lone star airs Mondays at 9 pm ET / PT on Fox. For more on the series, see below.

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