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If after a while you think you are in the friendzone But you want to get out of there and win her heart, then take courage and go for it.

The friendzone is defined by a situation like this:

A boy likes a girl, they become very good friends and start dating, when the man feels that it is time to take things a little further he asks her about a possible relationship but she is not looking for that at the moment with that person since he only sees him as a friend. At that moment the lover has entered the friendship zone.

But don’t be discouraged, if you’re in that dark hole you might have a way out.

What are the steps to get out of the “Friendzone”?

If you want to try to be more than his friend then follow these steps. But beware that everything has a time! If these tactics don’t work quickly, don’t think you’ll be able to get out of the friend zone.

1. Let me miss you and need you.
When you are very hooked it is normal that you want to be in every second of your life. This makes it normal for her to have you. But what if one day he thinks he can lose you? This is an ideal way to let him know how important and essential you are in his life.

2. Change your look.
Nothing better to try something more than a makeover. Changing the way you dress, getting a new haircut, or wearing your beard can make her see you with different eyes.

3. Give him some of his medicine.
Flirt with a girl when you are with her. With this, you can tell if she is jealous or if she is ultimately glad that you have someone to focus on.

4. Don’t give it exclusivity.
Going out with other friends will be healthy for both of you. Apart from letting her know that she is not the only one in your life, it will allow you to love from a healthy perspective. After all, becoming a toxic person will not be good for anyone.

5. Show her that you are sexy and romantic.
Try little ways to attract her. A flower when she is not expecting it, a caress, an unplanned meeting that ends with a bottle of wine, a walk in the park where you invite her to walk without shoes, watch a sunset … here not only let your imagination fly but consider tastes that she considers romantic. Remember that by being her friend you have the advantage of knowing exactly what she wants from a man.

6. Love yourself a little more.
Sometimes you enter the friend zone without realizing through lack of self-esteem or self-recognition that you are capable of conquering another person.

7. Express your feelings.
If you noticed that the above tactics worked and you start to feel that she sees you differently, then it is time to declare your love and ask that they be more than friends. But if she didn’t take the bait then think a bit, as your attempt to attract her could break the friendship.

If you found another way to get out of the friendzone, don’t stop sharing it!

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