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The “Friendzone” It is a gray area where you are just friends but have a romantic and sexual interest in the other person. Learn to know if you fell into that fearsome place because you could be condemned to a relationship of BFF (best friends forever) or friends forever.

Start by not fooling yourself. The first thing you should know is if you are at least in the area. What does this mean?. Well, if that person is at least part of your circle and is not a mirage or a platonic love, that is, of those that are only in the mind.

The next thing is to learn to interpret those subtle signals or not that that person sends you so that you stay at bay.

1. Avoid being seen “as a couple.”
When they go out she tries to have a third person so that they see each other as a group of friends and not as a couple. This is to avoid that if your better half passes you by, you retract when you see her accompanied.

2. Introduces you as his friend.
If he emphasizes making it known that you are his friend when he introduces you, then there is no doubt that you are in that zone.

3. Make it clear that you are his friend.
When sharing photos on your social networks, put the clear hashtags that define you as #amigos, #mejoresamigos, #bff, #friendtime.

4. Ask for sentimental advice and you are his wipe of tears.
When conversations include asking for advice on what clothes the guy you’re on a date with will like best or commenting to death on your love stories, you’re setting limits. Also, if you happen to be uncomfortable with her questions, she will say: “I’m asking you because you’re my friend.” And as if that weren’t enough, every time someone breaks their heart, they use it as a tear cloth… you’re in the friend zone.

5. He looks for a partner all the time.
If she is interested in matching you with someone, it is clear that she is saying that she is not available.

6. Does not respect being together and flirts with others.
Are they in the middle of a conversation and she blatantly turns to see others? He is definitely not interested in you.

7. Little is arranged to go out with you.
A woman who wants to go unnoticed in the eyes of a boy does not dress up on the way out and does not make an effort to look attractive at all.

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