5 Things You Will Like About The Inspiring Movie “Clouds”

** This note does not contain spolier ** “Clouds” Is available in Disney + for Latin America. It’s a fascinating movie inspiring, based on the musician’s story Zach Sobiech, who topped the song with the same title, “Clouds”.

Zach Sobiech suffered a Cancer from bones rare (osteosarcoma). But the movie is not based on the drama treatment of chemotherapy, nor in the death. Rather it explores the opportunities that a person can still find in the middle of the worst scenarios.

Fin Argus (Zach Sobiech), Sabrina Carpenter (Samy Brown) and Madison Iseman (Amy Adamle) and Neve Campbell (Laura Sobiech) bring to life this story full of love, struggle, laughter and many tears.

Why watch Clouds? 5 reasons to see it

  1. Never lose faith.
    The film shows how even though science says one thing, faith is above all judgment. Although the characters do not fixate on the idea of ​​the miracle, they do not rule out the possibility of being part of one either.
  2. Giving up is not an option in life.
    Death can be painful, but it is still a part of life. Lying in an armchair and waiting for the unstoppable to arrive is possible, but Zach’s story leads us to understand that every day counts, even if you don’t know what tomorrow will be.

  3. Fulfilling dreams is not just a matter of time, but of attitude.
    In the film the characters do not leave aside laughter, although ironic and sometimes sad, it is always present in the middle of the drama. And seeing the possibility of making a dream come true in a short time lengthened the hours so that the song “Clouds” still makes sense when we listen to it.

  4. Love overcomes barriers beyond death.
    Fighting without love is meaningless, but when this feeling is strong it becomes the stimulus, the flame, a reason. It doesn’t matter if we know that one day we will lose; still we must dare to love.

  5. You don’t have to know when you will die to learn to live.
    This is definitely the great teaching of ‘Clouds’. It reminds us that taking tomorrow for granted keeps us in a comfort zone, when in reality we should live each day as if there were no other.

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