1986 Mario Bros. cartridge auctioned for $ 660,000

A cartridge in its closed packaging of the video game Super Mario Bros., from Nintendo, which was purchased in 1986 and then left in a desk drawer for decades, sold for $ 660,000 on Friday, Dallas-based Heritage Auctions reported.

Heritage said the game was bought as a Christmas present but ended up in a desk drawer, where it remained sealed in plastic wrap and with the hanging tab intact until it was found a few months ago.

“Because the production of this copy and others like it was very low, finding another copy of that same lot in similar condition would be like finding a needle in a haystack,” said Valarie McLeckie, video game specialist at Heritage Auctions.

Heritage said it is the highest quality specimen ever to be auctioned. Its asking price far exceeded the $ 114,000 recorded for another unopened copy that was produced in 1987 and auctioned by Heritage last summer.

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