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Hollywood superheroes now come celibate and desire-free

Hollywood superheroes now come celibate and desire-free

Days ago, in several interviews, Scarlett Johansson wielded some annoyance around exaggerated sexualization to which his Black Widow had been subjected in Iron man 2. A statement in line with the course that things took in superhero cinema after the emergence of #MeToo on the scene.

“Although she is very funny and has great moments, the character is too sexualized, right? She talks about her as if she were a piece of something, like a possession, a thing … Like a piece of ass. Even Tony refers to her as something like that at some point, “the actress commented in an interview with Collider.

What is real and concrete is that the feminist movement called into question a few things and managed, in principle, to change some models taken for granted. And in that change, heroines stopped being objects to play a key role in the fight against villains and, above all, to become more complex and better-constructed characters, according to the specialized publication Sensation.

Scarlett Johansson In The Role Of The Black Widow, When She Was Still Looked At With Lustful Eyes.  Ap / Disney Photo, Zade Rosenthal

Scarlett Johansson in the role of the Black Widow, when she was still looked at with lustful eyes. AP / Disney Photo, Zade Rosenthal

However, the end result of such a transformation for now is far from having crystallized into a definitive role model and, instead, the trend seems to have swung to the extreme of leaving out of play any appeal to the eroticism of the protagonists of the stories filmed. in the present.

Pregnant by a kiss

An article published by the newspaper The country points, precisely to this last aspect, when looking at the second episode of WandaVision (2021, Disney +), in which the main heroine gets pregnant after kissing with her husband.

“With this joke,” says the newspaper text, “Marvel intended to parody the moralistic breed of the American sitcoms of the sixties whose aesthetics it was replicating, but the truth is that that kiss was the spiciest that has happened throughout the saga. “

What Commands Is Adventure;  The Rest Is The Least, It Is The Slogan That Marvel Assumed As A Creed.

What commands is adventure; the rest is the least, it is the slogan that Marvel assumed as a creed.

In that sense, the publication highlights the contrast between that Russian spy who was watched with lust by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) and his assistant Happy (Jon Favreau), who “commented on how good she was and searched the internet for photos of her in underwear “, with which he delivers today the Disney universe, in which” the Avengers they became a celibate gang“.

“And not only them. Superheroes in today’s cinema not only don’t have sex, they they don’t even seem to feel desire“, denounces the note. And a good part of it is right.

During a discussion, the Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar focused on this phenomenon of desexualization. “A lot of superhero movies are made and sexuality doesn’t exist in them. They are neutered. Its gender is indeterminate, the adventure is what matters ”, he said.

Without sex there is no controversy

Finally, in his plan to achieve equality between men and women and avoid controversy at all costs, the only thing that Marvel has come up with is to kill the libido of all his superheroes alike, aim The country.

The 2012 Avengers Model, The Year In Which Disney Added The Brand To Its Great Adventurers Supermarket And Left The Eroticism Of The Door Out.

The 2012 Avengers model, the year in which Disney added the brand to its great adventurers supermarket and left the eroticism of the door out.

That’s the general attitude Hollywood has taken after #MeToo. It seems that they do not know how to endow a woman with sexuality without harassing her, so they have chosen to desexualize them all ”, the newspaper quotes the sexologist Paula Álvarez.

By the way, you are not entirely wrong that there are those who they do not know how to endow a woman with sexuality without vexing her, but it is also true that more than one executive should think that with the bar of the “new morality” so high, it is better not to run risks of cancellation.

Far were then the times when Lois and Clark came to have sex in the Fortress of Solitude, in Superman ii (1980), or those in Batman returns (1992) Bruce Wayne and Catwoman They channeled their sexual tension by slapping each other (and scratches, whipping and licking), as the journalist Juan Sanguino recalls.

Turgid And Urgent Muscles, Which Look At Each Other But Do Not Touch, Unless It Is To Fight.  Photo Disney / Marvel Studios Via Ap

Turgid and urgent muscles, which look at each other but do not touch, unless it is to fight. Photo Disney / Marvel Studios via AP

Although, possibly, the decision would have much less to do with deconstructed behavior and thought patterns than with the projection of the product to a wider public, and the penetration and permanence in markets in which freedom of choice – sexual or of the type whatever- is not seen with good eyes.

You look at it and you don’t touch

The most striking thing is that although sex as a practice in search of pleasure remains outside the Marvelian screen, the bodies displayed by their superheroes are an invitation to the most daring fantasies. Except that, taking Sanguino’s words, “the interest is not that the public is excited by the idea of ​​having sex with them -not even from them-, but by the idea of ​​being like them.”

A goal that, in addition to being decidedly unattainable, is inevitably much more boring.