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Hollywood prepares two! versions of the classic film The Wizard of Oz

The Warner Bros. studio is preparing a new version of the classic The Wizard of Ozwhich will be directed by Kenya Barris, known for being the creator of the successful series black ish.

According to an exclusive scoop from the specialized portal dead linelater confirmed by the Hollywood press, Barris closed a deal last week whereby he will also write the script for this film, which will “reimagine” the musical, immortalized in film history with the famous 1939 film starring Judy Garland .

At the moment, the details of the adaptation are unknown, beyond that will take as a reference the homonymous book by Frank Baum, a novel published in the year 1900which has given rise to a multitude of performances on the big screen, on television and in theaters around the world.

Judy Garland with the puppy Toto, in "The Wizard of Oz", 1939 version.

Judy Garland with the puppy Toto, in “The Wizard of Oz”, 1939 version.

Hollywood studios have been trying to renew the classic story for some time with projects that, in most cases, have ended up discarded. Ten years ago, for example, Great and powerful was released.

yet another movie

In fact, Warner Bros. is also preparing another adaptation, supervised by the production unit New Line, in which the producer of WatchmenNicole Kassell will act as director.

According to the magazine Varietythat project is still underway and is being developed in parallel to the new one, since Barris’s will be based on the original story and Kassell’s will give a “fresh” twist to the story of the protagonist, Dorothy.

Judy Garland in the scene where she sings "Over the Rainbow."

Judy Garland in the scene where she sings “Over the Rainbow.”

The Wizard of Oz It is one of the most reproduced children’s books in the world. More than five films have been released with its title, another handful of films inspired by its plot, plays -such as the musical directed by Andrew Lloyd Webber- and even video games.

Of course, the most celebrated and influential adaptation is the one that Victor Fleming directed for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1939.

A pioneer in the use of technicolor, her film received six Oscar nominations and, over time, became a cult film that, according to the United States Library of Congress, is the most watched film in history.

Their copies are stored in the National Register of the United States and in the World Register of Unesco. Even the Academy Museum of Hollywood in Los Angeles dedicates an entire room to celebrating the impact of the movie musical.

The big flop: the version with Michael Jackson

Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Nipsey Russell in "The Wiz."  AP Photo

Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Nipsey Russell in “The Wiz.” AP Photo

In 1978 a new version was released with the stellar performance of Diana Ross and Michael Jackson. was called The Wizard (The Wiz) and the action moved from Kansas to an African-American neighborhood in New York.

The Motown label allied with Universal to carry out a big budget musical that had already triumphed on the Broadway stages. After the rise of blaxploitation, it was a matter of going further, of offering an A-series product starring all the stars of the record company, with legendary actors such as Richard Pryor or Lena Horne, as well as Quincy Jones in the musical production.


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