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hit & run thriller tops week’s premieres

hit & run thriller tops week's premieres


Hit & Run

Since Friday on Netflix.

Netflix Premieres The Action Series Hit & Run, Starring Lior Raz And Sanaa Lathan.

Netflix premieres the action series Hit & Run, starring Lior Raz and Sanaa Lathan.

Netflix’s first Israeli original series is an action thriller centered on a happily married man (Lior Raz, the protagonist of Fauda), who decides to investigate the mysterious death of his wife, with the help of a former lover (Sanaa Lathan).


Monday at 9pm on HBO. Also available on On Demand from Cablevisión Flow and Channel 1 HD.

An examining magistrate (Candela Peña) is transferred to the remote island of El Hierro. There he discovers a suspicious community and faces the death of a local young man, murdered the day before his wedding. With the co-star of Darío Grandinetti.

SOZ: Soldiers or Zombies

From Friday, on Amazon Prime Video.

Soldiers Or Zombies, New Original Mexican Series From Amazon.

Soldiers or Zombies, new original Mexican series from Amazon.

In this original Mexican Amazon series, a powerful narco escapes from prison. But he is recruited by the American army to fight against the zombies when an experiment goes wrong.

Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami

Since Wednesday on Netflix.

Fifteen years after his cult film, the director Billy corben presents this six-part saga about the South Florida traffickers indicted in one of the largest drug cases in US history.

Grill for every day

Monday at 8.30 pm, by El Gourmet. Also available on On Demand from Cablevisión Flow and Channel 1 HD.

El Gourmet Opens Everyday Barbecue, With Felicitas Pizarro And Christian Petersen.

El Gourmet opens Everyday Barbecue, with Felicitas Pizarro and Christian Petersen.

Felicitas Pizarro and Christian Petersen, two of the stars of El Gourmet – were partners in The kitchen award– they propose to light the embers every day with the most varied recipes.



Premiere on Friday, on Netflix.

Vivo, The Animated Adventure From Sony And Netflix With Music By Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Vivo, the animated adventure from Sony and Netflix with music by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Animated musical adventure about a Kinkajú with musical gifts who must undertake the journey of his life to deliver a song to the great lost love of his beloved owner. With voice and music by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Everything invisible

Since Thursday, on Amazon Prime Video.

Ari Brickman (Jonás), Bárbara Mori (Amanda) and José María de Tavira (Saúl) star in this dramatic comedy where Jonás’ sudden blindness forces him to confront what he fears most: his own vulnerability.


Saturday at 10pm on HBO. The following Monday, available on Flow On Demand.

Steve Carell And Rose Byrne Star In The Political Satire &Quot;Irresistible.&Quot;

Steve Carell and Rose Byrne star in the political satire “Irresistible.”

A satire of today’s political arena starring Steve Carell and Rose Byrne as rival consultants and advisers. Directed by Jon Stewart.