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Hispanic singer Aquiles Báez dies on tour in Europe (PHOTOS)

  • This is how they confirmed the death of the beloved musician
  • He was on tour when he died
  • They say how the Venezuelan died

The world of Hispanic music mourns the death of the famous singer Aquiles Báez, who was touring Europe when he died. The news was confirmed by Coco Música Eventos, the company in charge of the musician’s tour.

Aquiles Báez passed away at the age of 58 in Aachen, Germany. The producer thanked “all the musicians and friends for having accompanied his last steps with affection and admiration, on the stages from where he was able to share his mastery, his humor and his musicality with the public,” according to CNN.

How did the singer Aquiles Báez die?

How did you get to fame?

According to the company’s statement, the Hispanic singer died in his sleep. after his last concert in the German city of Cologne. The interpreter had just performed in Madrid, Barcelona and Geneva, and dates were pending in cities such as Paris and Berlin.

Aquiles Báez’s last post on Instagram was made 5 days before his death and was immediately filled with comments of mourning and condolences. “Dear teacher, thank you for everything”, “Rest in peace teacher”, “Thank you for your legacy”, “Have a good trip to eternity”, they commented.

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